Why Lemon should never Extinct from planet Earth ?

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Why Lemon should never Extinct from planet Earth ? There are so much crucial action related to lemons which changes our day to day life phenomenally.  Check out below :-

Lemon pleasant smell is clean and refreshing.
It not only brings positivity but also helps in combating anxiety and depression through it's pleasant smell.

Lemon helps you in Relaxing

Lemon pleasant smells helps you in relaxing your body and mind. Taken from inside of Restaurant.

Lemons can clean the scalp thoroughly
Lemons provide treatment for several skin problems including dark spots, scars, and acne.  
Some of the traditional ways to use lemon against Acne , scars :-

1. Take some sugar
2. Squeeze lemon over sugar
3. Mix them and rub them gently over your acne and scars.

Wash with cold water after 15-30 minute.

Squeeze and Rub lemon on stubborn dirty part of body. Read Below

Squeeze and Rub lemon on stubborn dirty part of body like elbow, ankle, neck, finger joint and teeth.

Lemons can also be used for nail whitening, breath freshening, and treating sore feet.

Lemons can easily cure numerous diseases such as arthritis, indigestion, and rheumatism.
Consume lemonade every day to get rid of stones naturally. 

Lemons can also prevent other severe diseases such as cholera and malaria.
Lemons are natural blood cleanser and purifier.

Daily consumption of lemons reduce signs of aging.
Lemons are packed with several nutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin E, copper, chromium, potassium, iron, and magnesium.  

Use lemon juice as natural air freshener to kill bacteria of all types.
Just cut a few lemons and leave them in your bedroom overnight and it will clean and refresh your room.

Lemon aroma will improve the functioning of your lungs and prevent breathing problems.

If you have asthma, colds, and allergies, then inhaling lemon aroma can clean your throat and air passages naturally.

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