Men v/s Women Meme - How Men React v/s Women React meme

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Men v/s Women Meme - How Men React v/s Women React meme can relate to your real life so much. Men and Women meme describing how they take on things. Can relate ? Share your thoughts.

Why woman feels upset v/s Why man feels upset meme

When women washes dish v/s when men washes dish Meme

Why women need blow dryer v/s Why men need blow dryer Meme

How Women choose their shampoo v/s How men Choose their shampoo meme

When women fall ill v/s when man fall ill meme

What women thinks when looking in mirror v/s what men think when looking in mirror meme

Women at Hairdresser salon v/s Man at Hairdresser salon

Why woman goes shopping v/s Why man goes shopping Meme

How Woman chooses a car v/s How man choose a car

Why Women goes to supermarket v/s Why man goes to super market meme

Where women get new clothes v/s where men get new clothes

Women reasons to clean house v/s Men reason to clean house meme

Woman's Cloth v/s Man Cloth meme

Woman's reasons to call best friend v/s Man reason to call friend

How Men Shower v/s How women Shower

Why woman goes to gym v/s Why man goes to gym

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